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  • Follow Women's Tact CGA Life Jacket in Teal and Black
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Follow | Women's Tact CGA Vest | Sunshine & Ski

Women's Tact CGA Vest

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Follow Women's Tact CGA Life Jacket

Catering for the female torso, the Women's CGA Tact Vest delivers comfort and style. Featuring our expander fit back for maximum adjustment and our female specific foam which moulds around the chest to keep you comfortable when under pressure. 


  • Featherweight PVC Foam 
  • Dual Layer Fabric for extra strength 
  • Expander fit back for adjustment 

Life Jackets & Impact Vests at Sunshine and Ski

Browse our collection of life jackets and impact vests. When shopping for a vest, make sure you know the difference between a Canadian Approved PFD and an impact (or wake) vest. We carry both types, but only a Canadian Approved PFD will serve as a life-saving device. Our impact vests provide some floatation but are not intended to act as live-savers, and will not count towards the number of vests in your boat!