• Full Nordic Rental

    Single day rental: $25. Pick up 11:00am return 5:00pm same day

    Weekend rental: $45. Pick up Saturday 11:00am return 10:30am Sunday.

    Rentals must be returned on time. Due to high demand, customers who return rentals more than 30 minutes late will be charged an additional $25 per set.

    Customers are responsible for returning equipment in the same condition that is was received. Customers who damage rental equipment will be asked to pay the full cost of replacement.

  • Alpine Demo Rental - $40/day minimum

    Rent high quality, current-season alpine skis for you trip so that you can try before you buy. Pricing varies depending upon the skis chosen. The total rental fee may be applied to the purchase price of a pair of skis, provided that the purchase is made within 7 days of returning the rental

  • Full Alpine Rental - $38/day

    A full alpine rental includes skis, boots, and poles. Some combinations including newer gear may cost up to $45/day. Some multi-day trips may qualify for free travel days.

  • Snowshoe Rental - $25/day

    Includes snowshoes only. Inquire by phone for availability.

  • What is the Junior Lease Program?

    Our Junior Lease program allows you to rent kids alpine ski equipment for an entire season. This allows kids to learn on quality gear without the worry of growing out of it.

  • What kind of equipment is included in the Junior Lease program?

    The Junior Lease program includes alpine skis, boots, and bindings from brands like Salomon, Volkl, Dalbello, and Rossignol.

  • Can I lease boots only? Can I lease skis only?

    Yes! Customers can lease just kids boots or just kids skis at a lesser cost. Please inquire by phone for pricing. (306)-584-2255

  • Who qualifies for the Junior Lease program?

    The Junior Lease program is intended for children. There is no exact age limit, however the skis and boots covered by the program are designed for kids. In general, a 14-year-old child is too old for the program.

  • Can I lease used equipment?

    Yes, the skis and boots returned from the previous season is available for lease or for purchase at a discounted rate. We do not offer a buy-back program, and we do not accept used equipment from the public.

  • Are poles included?

    No, many kids learn to ski without poles. However, we have junior poles for sale in-store.