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  • Follow Women's Atlantis Impact Vest in lemon
  • Follow Women's Atlantis Impact Vest in ice
  • Follow Women's Atlantis Impact Vest in ice
  • Follow Women's Atlantis Impact Vest in lemon
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Follow | Women's Atlantis | Sunshine & Ski

Women's Atlantis

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Follow Women's Atlantis Impact Vest 

From a spring morning to the heat of summer, like the city of Atlantis itself, your legacy is secure with perhaps our most beautiful vest in the line. Stash your lip balm in the chest pocket and ride with style, function and fit. The Atlantis design starts with a cross-stitched panel overlay then goes further with premium neoprene and an articulated cut for total freedom. Lightweight with seriously soft and stretchy neoprene, the Atlantis is total riding bliss. 


  • Seriously stretchy & soft neoprene 
  • Corset back 2mm stretch panels 
  • Dual layer construction 
  • Featherweight foam 
  • Complete stitch through segment panels 
  • TrueFit© Liner 

Life Jackets & Impact Vests at Sunshine and Ski

Browse our collection of life jackets and impact vests. When shopping for a vest, make sure you know the difference between a Canadian Approved PFD and an impact (or wake) vest. We carry both types, but only a Canadian Approved PFD will serve as a life-saving device. Our impact vests provide some floatation but are not intended to act as live-savers, and will not count towards the number of vests in your boat!