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O'Brien | Team Surf Rope | Sunshine & Ski

Team Surf Rope

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O'Brien Team Surf Rope

Highly tunable, floating surf rope. 


  • Multi-Loop Section- The entire section is comprised of loops so you can fine-tune your rope length to match the sweet spot and remain safe by never having to pull in on the rope again.
  • 29mm Round polyester grip- Polyester outer with EVA padding underneath for optimum comfort
  • 9" Wide T6-6061 Aluminum core frame- Precision extruded for high strength, low weight
  • EVA floats- Three floats on the mainline and two on the handle to keep everything on the surface
  • 25' Total length- 13' mainline (includes handle), two standard 4' removable sections and one 4' multi-loop section