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Atomic | Savor 48 Skintec | Sunshine & Ski

Savor 48 Skintec

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Atomic Savor 48 Skintec 

The Atomic Savor 48 Skintec is an easy breezy touring ski, all about making the journey easier so you can get your head up and enjoy your surroundings even more. The broadside cut makes it really stable. And thanks to waxless Skintec technology there’s no need for time-consuming kick-waxing. Instead, just jump on the ski and the Mohair grip zone gives you a perfect kick and ride in all snow conditions and temperatures! Then if you need to change skins, it's quick and easy, and anyone can do it – with the option of a universal skin (pre-set on the ski) and a grip skin with better grip properties. Finally, the ski comes with a ready-mounted Prolink Shift Plate.


  • Densolite Fibreglass Construction- A Densolite core with fibreglass laminates above and below for an easy kick and relaxing ride. 
  • 100% Mohair- A robust fibre with the best grip and glide properties in a wide range of conditions
  • High Densolite- Densolite makes the core light, stable and tough- this is a dynamic option for performance skiing 
  • BI 3000
  • Easy Skin Exchange- With Atomic Skintec you can easily exchange skins in seconds by yourself.