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Sporten | Perun Pro | Sunshine & Ski

Perun Pro

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Sporten Perun Pro 

Winter tool for all athletes. Fitness skis to maintain and improve fitness during the winter season. Its cut makes it more manageable and stable. The quality and construction are still true to the ideals of SPORTEN cross-country skiing, the movement on the ski is natural. Stabilized wood core is made up of many selective wood wooden plates. Ski suitable for modified tracks. Good, sintered sole for a better slide. 


  • Woodcore-  A wooden core that consists of many connected slats of selected wood to ensure the stability of the core. Cross-country skis additionally with air channels for lightening.
  • 3D Shapes-  The irregular shape of the core is of great importance for the overall torsional stiffness of cross-country skis and their weight reduction.
  • Pad compatible with Rottefella "slide-on" bindings to attach bindings without the need for screws.