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OAC | WAP 129 2021 | Sunshine & Ski

WAP 129 2021

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A cross between a snowshoe and a backcountry ski, the WAP is fun for quick hits on local hills or forest slopes. At 120mm underfoot, and 129cm long, you can expect a healthy amount of float with easy maneuverability. Climb efficiently and ski down without the expense or complex setup of a ski touring setup. Changing from skinning to skiing doesn't even require a mode change.

  • OAC braid box construction.
  • Compression resistant elastic foam core is strong and flexible.
  • Unicoat ski base is tough and liquid wax friendly for the ultimate ease of use.
  • Integrated high-quality synthetic skin provides durable and reliable traction.
  • Aluminum and fiberglass reinforcement at the binding area ensures a solid connection.
  • EA bindings are easy to adjust, use and are compatible with most winter footwear.
  • Bindings require mounting on skis.