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OAC | KAR 147 2021 | Sunshine & Ski

KAR 147 2021

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As easy as snowshoes, with the speed and fun of skis. The KAR skis are fairly fat, but their short 147cm length keeps them easily manoeuvrable. They have a permanently attached skin underfoot for good grip when climbing, but good sliding too when the time comes to drop in. Great for exploring rolling terrain, as the recessed skin allows you to ski and skin without having to stop to put skins on and off.

  • OAC braid box construction.
  • Compression-resistant elastic foam core is strong and flexible.
  • Unicoat ski base is tough and liquid wax friendly for the ultimate ease of use.
  • Integrated high quality mohair-mix skin provides great glide and good traction.
  • Aluminum and fiberglass reinforcement at binding area ensures a solid connection.
  • Steel edges improve control when things get icy.

Tech Specs

Ideal for Off-track touring
Structural cap
Core Foam
Metal edge Yes
Bindings included Yes
Made in Finland