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Salomon | Men's Escape Plus Prolink | Sunshine & Ski

Men's Escape Plus Prolink

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Salomon Men's Escape Plus Prolink 

Designed for adventurous outdoor enthusiast looking for warmth, comfort and enough grip when walking, this boot offers improved ankle support and a waterproof zipper for top-level insulation. It is entirely made of 100% PVC FREE materials that keep your feet warm and comfortable all day.


  • Comfort: An anatomical, slightly wider fit that offers foot holdand maximum comfort, while the customer Fit™ and Quicklace™ systems customize the fit perfectly to the shape of every foot.
  • Ankel support: The ergonomic touringcuff provides additional stability and ankle support while maintaining efficient lateral support.
  • Warmth: Thinsulate™ insulation ensures excellent protection  against cold, while the waterproof zipper keeps water and snow out so your feet stay dry and warm all day.
  • Ergonomic Touring: Semi-rigid cuff around the ankles that provides lateral and rear support for better stability and control
  • 105 Touring Fit: Generous anatomical shape for maximum comfort and warmth.
  • Quicklace: Salomon's well-known one-pull lacing system for precise and snug fit
  • Kevlar laces that go through polygliding hooks