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Altai | HOK 2021/2022 | Sunshine & Ski

HOK 2021/2022

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Altai HOK Sliding Snowshoe 

The Hok is designed as an easy to use ski for the backcountry. Its short wide dimensions makes the ski incredibly maneuverable, and the integrated climbing skin gives the Hok great traction for climbing. The right balance of running base and skin material makes the ski's downhill speed manageable and easy to control. Bridging cross-country skis and snowshoes, the Hok combines the maneuverability and ease of use found in snowshoes with the ski's efficiency of sliding forward rather than lifting and stepping each stride.

The 145 has a little more "ski" DNA which works better for those looking to use the Hoks in a more downhill fashion. The longer length will create better float on top of soft snow and increase your glide but is less maneuverable in tight spaces. 

The 125 is better as a snowshoe substitute, more maneuverability, better in thick woods and brush, lighter, and little better grip. The 125 is easier to control and use for those who may be unfamiliar with skis. 

Bindings are included in the price


  • Synthetic climbing skin integrated into the base 
  • Steel edges for durability 
  • Light weight cap construction 
  • Made with a sustainable paulownia wood core reinforced with a combination of organic natural fibers and fiberglass. 
  • The ski comes with bindings that will fit your typical snow boot