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K2 | Formula | Sunshine & Ski


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K2 Formula 

The forumla goes like this: Snowboard + Binding = Fun. Got it? We know, it's pretty complex. But if you can't rememberit all on the fly, the K2 Formula Snowboard Bindings are the cheat sheet you need to ace the test. They're an all around excellent binder with the high end power transfer, great board feel, and a just right flex that enables any kind of riding from the park to the steeps. Add in 100% tool-less adjustability and you've got yourself a formula for success. 


  • Flex: 6.5 (1 soft- 10 stiff)
  • Baseplate: GF ProFusion™ Chassis, simple, tough, and lightweight. 
  • Baseplate: 3º Canted Footbed, Canted 3º to match your natural leg position during riding. Which offers more support to the outside of the foot that provides control while reducing fatigue. 
  • All -Terrian Nylon Highback: The most durable temperature resistant highback shapes that make every K2 binding model perform best for its designed purpose.