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Sporten | Forester MgE | Sunshine & Ski

Forester MgE

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Sporten Forester MgE

A well-done ski with a profile that allows you to go wherever you want. A wood-core sandwich is made up of many selective wood wooden plates. With its steel edges, it can handle icy terrain, it can fit into a footprint. Layers of fibreglass take care of the strength. The skis are made with a pressed crown. Go where no one has gone before. 


  • A wooden core consists of many connected slats of selected wood to ensure the stability of the core. Cross-country skis additionally with air channels for a weightless feel.
  • The steel edges on the backcountry skis make it much easier to control on a frozen surface, especially when going downhill. Especially suitable for skiing off groomed trails. 
  • Moulded anti-slip is another NOwax technology that eliminates the need to worry about lubricating rising waxes.