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Diamond Turbo

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A Lightweight, Fast, and Poppy Skim Board.

The Diamond has been an icon in the P5 line for many years now. In recent years, the Diamond Turbo came to fruition and is well received. The Turbo was added to the name after we enhanced the Diamond tail shape with a more boxed out design giving the rider more volume under the rear foot. More volume adds bigger pop and ability to gain more speed without having to be super heavy on your front foot. The Diamond is made Carbon fiber that makes it ultra strong while maintaining light weight for performance. The Diamond Turbo is equipped with a versatile tri-fin skim setup that can be configured to suit riders of all levels.

Phase 5

The idea behind Phase 5 Wakesurf Boards began over 30 years ago, and we have been perfecting this idea with our sister company Zap Skimboards ever since people starting riding our boards behind boats.

Our company has listened to the desires of wakesurfers everywhere and combined them with the technology of building skimboards to perfect a finned board that would allow you to ride freely behind a wake boat. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a wakesurf beginner, we have the board for you. With over thirty years of smooth rides on our Phase 5 boards we are confident in the fact that we have one of the very best wakesurf boards on the market today.

Sunshine and Ski

We are Southern Saskatchewan's best store for water sports gear. At Sunshine and Ski, you can find everything you need to equip your boat for the summer. Whether it's a wakeboard, wake surf board, water skis, ropes or anything else you could possibly use, we either have it or can get it for you!