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Arbor | Cypress | Sunshine & Ski


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Arbor Cypress Snowboard Bindings

Sick of bindings that fold up like a wet noodle if you so much as think the words "black diamond"? Check out the Arbor Cypress Snowboard Bindings. These power players are equipped with burly System X baseplates and stiff asymmetric highbacks that give as good as they get. They ride like a firm handshake, looking you in the eye and letting you know you're in good hands before cranking the dial up to 11. For ambitious freeriders dabbling in big mountain terrain, the Arbor Cypress Snowboard Bindings are up there with the best.


  • System X- a baseplate designed that more efficiently transfers and evenly distributes a rider's energy into their snowboard.
  • 65A Durometer Outsole- The outsole is a dampening interface made from a special TPE rubber. The outsole integrates with the System X design and sits between the binding and a rider's snowboard.
  • Adjustable Extruded Aluminum Heelcup- Highly durable extruded aluminum, designed to work with the Mini-disk for amazing adjustability. 
  • 2 XD Footbeds- The Cypress bindings feature a dual-density footbed design that provides impact absorption, comfort, durability, and improved feel. 
  • Asymmetrical Highbacks
  • Bow-Strap Adjuster
  • Co-Moulded Ankle Strap
  • UltraGrip Convertible Toe Strap
  • Cast Aluminum Buckles and Levers
  • 2x4 Universal Mini Disc