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O'Brien | Child Flex V-Back Life Jacket | Sunshine & Ski

Child Flex V-Back Life Jacket

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O'Brien Child Flex V-Back Life Jacket

A flex-fit life jacket that moves with you. 


  • Flex fit- Accommodating design that stretches and wraps around the contours of your body
  • Split V-back stretch panel- Maximum maneuverability
  • BioLite Construction- Soft, lightweight, breathable and eco-friendly
  • Zip closure with two concealed, adjustable belts- Easy entry, secure fit, and belts that will stay out of the way
  • Leg loop and grab strap- Extra safety precautions for keeping a child safe and secure
  • Multiple front and side hinges- Enhances range of motion 
  • Wide armholes- improve mobility 
  • Size- Child 33-35lbs
  • Harmonized U.S. Coast Guard & Transport Canada