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Atomic | Pro C1 Skintec | Sunshine & Ski

Pro C1 Skintec

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Atomic Pro C1 Skintec 

If you’re getting into cross-country skiing or returning to the sport after a break, the easy-going Atomic Pro C1 Skintec is a great option. It’s a Skintec ski so there’s no need for kick-waxing. Instead, just jump on the ski and the Mohair grip zone gives you a perfect kick and glide in all snow conditions and temperatures! The wider sidecut (47/47/47) keeps you stable and helps with turning. The other benefit of Skintec is how easy it is to change the skins. The ski is pre-set with a universal skin that’s good for all conditions. But if you need a bit more grip or glide, you’ve got a range of options you can switch in and out in seconds.


  • Densolite Fibreglass Construction- A Densolite core with fibreglass laminates above and below for an easy kick and relaxing ride. 
  • 100% Mohair- a robust fibre with the best grip and glide properties in a wide range of conditions 
  • High Densolite- Densolite makes core light, stable and tough. This is a dynamic option for performance skiing 
  • BI 1500
  • Easy Skin Exchange- With Atomic Skintec you can easily exchange skins in seconds by yourself