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Follow | Women's Atlantic Jacket | Sunshine & Ski

Women's Atlantic Jacket

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Follow Women's Atlantis Jacket

Made from ultralight foam and super soft Quad-S© neoprene, the Follow Atlantis Wake Vest feels you're wearing invisible armor. With fixed panels and a women's specific pro fit designed for chafe-free performance on all body shapes, this featherlight wonder stays secure without impeding your movement behind the boat.

Life Jackets & Impact Vests at Sunshine and Ski

Browse our collection of life jackets and impact vests. When shopping for a vest, make sure you know the difference between a Canadian Approved PFD and an impact (or wake) vest. We carry both types, but only a Canadian Approved PFD will serve as a life-saving device. Our impact vests provide some floatation but are not intended to act as live-savers, and will not count towards the number of vests in your boat!