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  • O'Brien Vortex 54" Jr combo waterskis in green
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O'Brien | Vortex 54" Jr. Combo | Sunshine & Ski

Vortex 54" Jr. Combo

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O'Brien Vortex 54" Jr. Combo Waterskis

Easy starts and smooth rides. The Jr. Vortex combos simplify the learning process and make deep-water starts a breeze for smaller skiers so they can be ripping around the lake in no time! These wide-forebody skis increase the overall surface area for easier starts and a relaxed ride while utilizing their compact size to enhance maneuverability. They are the perfect combos for anyone who needs a little more help getting out of the water or those who enjoy cruising at lower speeds. 


  • Length- 54" (137cm)
  • Jr. X-7 Bindings- Pinch/Slide adjustment for effortless entry
  • Foot Size- men's US 2-7
  • Wide Forebody Ski- Increased surface area for easier starts and reduced drag 
  • Dual Tunnel design- Slices through rough water for a smooth, stable drag 
  • Removable Stabilizer Bar- Holds the ski tips together and makes learning easy 
  • Nylon Fins 
  • Weight Range- Up to 140lbs