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Ronix | Volcom Impact Vest | Sunshine & Ski

Volcom Impact Vest

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Ronix Volcom Impact Vest

Camo is cool and Ronix has camo designed by the heavyweight kings of riding sideways. Not everybody has buoyancy on their mind, you might want something that can pair nicely with the jungle for your hide and go seek adventures. Whatever your preference, Ronix thinks you will enjoy the festivities of their latest Volcom collab.

Life Jackets & Impact Vests at Sunshine and Ski

Browse our collection of life jackets and impact vests. When shopping for a vest, make sure you know the difference between a Canadian Approved PFD and an impact (or wake) vest. We carry both types, but only a Canadian Approved PFD will serve as a life-saving device. Our impact vests provide some floatation but are not intended to act as live-savers, and will not count towards the number of vests in your boat!