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  • Top (left) and bottom (right) view of the O'Brien Torrent Dark horse wake surf board
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O'Brien | Torrent Dark Horse | Sunshine & Ski

Torrent Dark Horse

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O'Brien Torrent Dark Horse

Stronger, lighter, and even more responsive, the Dark Horse Edition of the Torrent utilizes 100% carbon fiber construction to enhance every performance element of this new shape to provide the ultimate skim-style experience. Bigger airs. Less swing weight. More stoke. Push your riding further on the Torrent Dark Horse!

  • Skim Style
  • Carbon Fiber Layup - Aerospace grade carbon fiber wrap that provides a quantum jump in performance over traditional fiberglass
  • Enhanced Semi-Twin Design
  • Chopped Diamond Tail
  • Machined EVA Pad
  • 3 Removable Delta Fins

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