Mover XCruise Skintec

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We were stoked when our Atomic Mover XCruise Skintec ski was voted industry test-winning: we love it and we’re pleased others love it too! If you’re new to touring or back to the sport after a break, it’s a little wider and shorter than the Mover Skintec – so it’s easy to turn and easy to snow plow to control your speed. But it still performs really well so you won’t get left behind! It’s a Skintec ski so no need for kick-waxing. Instead jump on the ski and the Mohair grip zone will give you a perfect kick and glide in all snow conditions and temperatures. If you want to change your skins it’s easy to do it yourself: we offer a universal skin (pre-set on the ski) and a grip skin with better grip properties.

This ski does not include a binding.