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K2 | Kids Mini Turbo | Sunshine & Ski

Kids Mini Turbo

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K2 Kids Mini Turbo Snowboard

Spool up that turbo, and get ready for some pint-sized fun - the K2 Mini Turbo Snowboard has been the gateway to grom greatness for years, and this one is no different. A user-friendly rocker-flat-rocker profile and easy-going Catch-Free™ Tune make this the choice for youth shredders everywhere.


  • Flex: 1 (1 playful - 5 precise)
  • Catch-Free Rocker Baseline™- By bringing the contact points out of the snow, this beginner-friendly design ensures linking turns without a catch.
  • Directional Twin
  • Noodle Core- Youth cores are specifically designed and tailored to the weight and overall size of the next generation of rippers
  • Biaxial Glass
  • Extruded 2000 Base 
  • 4x4 Inserts 


110= Riders weight <120

120= Riders weight <120

130= Riders weight <130