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K2 | First Lite | Sunshine & Ski

First Lite

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K2 First Lite 

A crisp spring day starts with soft pink sunlight breaking over gentle snow-crusted hills, the first light catching gold on the treetops. A new snowboarder starts with gentle turns down manicured slopes, the K2 First Lite Snowboard gliding smoothly beneath their feet. This easy riding board is the perfect thing for beginners looking to start their journey into the wonderful world of snowboarding, or weekend warriors looking for something fun and predictable to take to the slopes. It turns on a whim, flexes with ease, and carries itself with composure across a wide variety of terrain.


  • All-Mountain
  • Flex: 3
  • Twin Flat Rocker Profile 
  • Aspen Core
  • Catch-Free™ Tune 
  • Extruded 2000 Base