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Rossignol | Airis | Sunshine & Ski


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Rossignol Airis

You don't have to be an heiress to enjoy the Rossignol Airis Snowboard. Serrated edges give you the confident grip you need in the park and Basalt and Kevlar fibers in the core bring stability and smoothness to your ride. The AmpTek All Mountain profile blends stable camber with forgiving rocker, so you can float, pop, and push your limits with confidence.


  • Flex Rating: 5 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)
  • AmpTek All Mountain – 50% camber between the feet for precision and control with 50% rocker in the tip and tail for playful pop and float.
  • RadCut – A traditional sidecut between the inserts fuses with multiple reverse sidecuts toward the tip and tail, providing real time sidecut adjustment to the ride, ie. longer when faster, shorter when slower, and delivering the perfect cut at all times. RadCut is offered in multiple versions, each tailored for individual riding styles. More aggressive sidecut blends deliver quicker, livelier turns, while smoother sidecuts offer a more fluid, relaxed ride.
  • Wood CBF Core – A layer of basalt and Kevlar between the inserts enhances power and stability while dampening vibrations.
  • 5S Serrated Edges – Rossignol's exclusive edge technology offers three, smaller points of edge contact (one between the inserts and two at the tip and tail), improving bite and grip along the entire edge for better stability.
  • Extruded 4400 Base